What am I doing here?

Having spent the last few decades wandering the planet, mostly with my eyes open and my mouth shut, I decided that it was time to speak up. While I have no illusions that many people will read what I post, or that I can change the minds of those few that do, it’s good for the spirit just to have the opportunity to vent once in a while.

Although I may write about any subject that strikes my fancy, the main thrust of my posts will likely be on subjects political. I see America as being in a state of decline,  and I hope that, now and again, I can offer some common-sense ideas on what might be done to reverse that trend. People can take them or leave them.

I chose the title of this blog, Simple Facts of Life, because, as I see it, too many people live their lives concerned with how things should be, and ignore the way things are. You can legislate a lot of things, but you can’t legislate the laws of nature, physical or human. We’ll be better off if we stop trying.

If anyone agrees with what I write, fine. If you disagree, tell me where I’m going wrong. If you just think I’m nuts, well, that’s a given.

I’ll get serious later.


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