A Tangled Ball of Lies

By QMC, USN (Ret)


When the truth is found to be lies

And all the joy within you dies

                          Jefferson Airplane

There is a vast multitude of issues facing the United States today, some of which I care about deeply, because they affect me, and others which I don’t, because they don’t. Issues of gender identity generally fall into category #2. I know who and what I am, and I’m basically too lazy to concern myself with the angst of people who struggle with such things. But since this whole Bruce?/Caitlyn? Jenner thing seems to have captured the attention of even the most brain-dead among us, I, as your leading cranial-zombie-in-chief, have felt the compulsion to weigh in.

First, for the purposes of this article, I’m going to ignore my nagging suspicion that this whole thing is a phoney, manufactured publicity stunt. Because, after all, we know that the Kardashian clan would never be involved with anything like that. If you can’t believe “reality TV,” what can you believe?

Second, assuming that this is for real, I honestly hope that Bruce?/Caitlyn? and his?/her? family find peace and happiness in however this all ends up. I wish this for every family that has to endure these struggles. But sadly, for reasons that I will explain, I find this outcome to be rather unlikely.

America has always prided itself as being the land of the free, a place where you can be anything that you want to be. Somehow, that basic truth has mutated into the lie that your wants can overrule the laws of nature. And if Mother Nature didn’t give you what you think that you want, then she must have gotten something wrong. And if you believe that she got it wrong, then the rest of us are supposed to accept your judgement that you are much smarter than she is. And since you’re so much smarter, it only makes sense that you should bail her out by fixing the obvious blunder. And Mother Nature is supposed to send you a nice thank you card for being so helpful. And the rest of us should congratulate you for your courage and for being such a good sport. But in the end, you  probably won’t have fixed anything.

Does anyone remember this?


I don’t know if Bruce?/Caitlyn? ever said this prayer, but if he?/she? did, then his?/her? supplication didn’t receive a satisfactory answer to all parts of the request. Maybe he?/she? would have done better with Aladdin’s genie. Rumor has it that he will grant three wishes. Oh well, one out of three ain’t all that bad. But while we can salute courage, I believe that a lack of serenity and wisdom will cause this to end badly.

To explain why I believe this, let me break it down for you.

Simple Fact of Life #1(a): [for the (a)theists] No matter what you think you are, you are what you are made of.

Several decades ago, a then young Madonna told us “We are living in a material world, and I am a material girl.” OK, I know that I’m taking this lyric out of context, but it says something nonetheless. Madonna’s body is composed of the material that makes up a human female. Likewise, Bruce?/Caitlyn?’s body is composed of the material that makes up a human male. Like it or not, he?/she? is a material guy.

Simple Fact of Life #1(b): [for the (b)elievers] God doesn’t make mistakes.

Seriously, do I need to elaborate on this? I didn’t think so.

Simple Fact of Life #1(c): [for the metaphysically (c)onfused] You have to deal with things as they are, not as you wish they were.

There are things that you can change about yourself, and things that you can’t. I kinda think that being able to fly would make me happy. But I know that I won’t find happiness by climbing to the top of a tower and jumping off. Living my fantasy won’t stop the plummet, or ease the inevitable pain when the ground does stop it.

So it is with people that have gender confusion. I get it that someone might be unhappy with the sex of the body that he/she was born into. But that’s something that can’t really be changed. What you can change is the way that you look at yourself.

Simple Fact of Life #2: Issues of gender identity are psychological problems, not physical problems.

If you believe that you are a woman trapped in a man’s body, the problem is not between your legs, it’s between your ears. And that’s where you need to look for a solution. Get the body that you have as healthy as you can get it, and get your psyche as healthy as it needs to be to be happy in that body.

I simply cannot believe that gender reassignment surgery can make anyone happy in the body that he/she now lives in. If the rain is pouring through your roof, no amount of remodeling in the basement is going to make your house habitable. You need to fix the problem where the problem is.

If you were born a male, you will die a male. Sure, you can remove and re-engineer your junk. But no matter how many cells you remove from your body, it won’t change the fact that every cell that you have left will contain a “Y” chromosome. No amount of surgery can ever turn you into a female. And it won’t fix the cause of your unhappiness.

Yes, I know that I’m not one of those highly educated charlatans that will tell you whatever you want to hear, for a price. I’m just a guy with a little common sense that will tell you what you need to hear. No charge.


2 responses to “A Tangled Ball of Lies

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  2. Pretty much my position exactly. Now, maybe 100 years from now, or possibly even sooner, they will be able to clone human bodies with switched chromosomes, changing a funky male into a female from the DNA up, then I suppose a brain transplant to the newly developed female digs would result in an actual sex change.

    Of course, that means growing the clone up to an age suitable for transplant or RNA transfer, which means killing whatever personality has developed in the clone, but you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, you know.

    Ah well…

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